Key Contacts for CMH Waiver Service Providers

Provider Services
The Provider Services Unit is responsible for enrolling new providers and maintaining provider records for all Iowa Medicaid provider types.  An application may be downloaded from their website (, or by contacting Provider Services at:

IME Provider Services Correspondence
P.O. Box 36450
Des Moines, IA 50315

1-800-338-7909 or 515-725-1004 (Des Moines metropolitan area)


The IME Audit and Rate Setting Unit is responsible for rate determination and cost  reporting.  The mailing and email addresses for submitting a completed F&S Report is:

 IME Provider Cost Audit Unit
 P.O. Box 36450
 Des Moines, IA  50315


Other CMH Service Providers
In order to network with other providers offering services under the Children's Mental Health (CMH) Waiver, visit the DHS website to find providers in your area.


Case Managers
Targeted Case Managers provide leadership and coordination of a child's services under the CMH Waiver.  They work with a child's Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) to develop the case plan, then - through assessing, arranging, and monitoring those services - stay current with the child's progress, making referrals where needed to keep services appropriate to the child and family's needs.


CMH Waiver Specialists (for HCBS)
The role of waiver specialists is to assist stakeholders in addressing standards for quality of care (service provision) by conducting quality reviews and providing training and technical assistance.


How Caregivers Enroll Children for CMH Waiver Services
Families interested in enrolling to receive Iowa CMH Waiver services, your first point of contact should be with an Income Maintenance (IM) Worker in the county where the youth needing services resides.  IM workers can provide you with the best information regarding eligibility and availability of services offered by the Iowa Department of Human Services.  First:

Process Helps for Families


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